Sunday, February 1, 2009


What’s up guys! I’m in my cabin right now trying to manage with the waves and stuff falling off my shelves lol. Just left Cadiz and am on my way to Morocco in Northern Africa where the sea gets a little more rough, but we should be ok.

Anyways, Spain is absolutely AMAZING!!! I love everything there. The food, the people, the culture, the futbol!!!! It was a great experience for me… I was only in Cadiz and Sevilla while in Spain. Madrid and Barcelona were further away in Northern Spain so I decided to stay closer to the ship. I will definitely have to return sometime soon!!!

I went to a Flamenco show and Bullfight the first night with the city orientation tour in the day. It was very cool to see, the flamenco looks kinda hard to do too, they were great dancers! We had Sangria and tapas there, but I didn’t like their sangria too much, I dunno, I feel like I’ve had better haha. I also did tons of sight-seeing at museums and cathedrals which are soo beautiful! The architecture is just crazyyyy… I posted some of my pictures on facebook and myspace since I found free internet close to the ship, I have soo many more pix tho… You will have to wait until I get back to see those! The streets are very small and a lot of people ride bikes everywhere. It’s kinda cute… you have to remember to stay out of the bike lane tho because it’s sort of on the sidewalk and they ring there little bells when your in the way haha. I feel like I saw a lot of historical parts of Cadiz and Sevilla though, it was all good to see.

I can’t say too much about the nightlife since I only went out one night due to exhaustion one night and weather the next (rain & wind + walking to the club did not work for my group lol) I kno I kno.. I’m the one who always wants to go out, but oh well! But yeah the Spaniards do not drink that much or I should say do not drink to get drunk. They don’t really have mixed drinks, they just drink beer, wine , and sangria. It made no difference for me since I don’t drink =) hahaha! ;) Anyways, so yeah it was kool though. The Spaniards are very nice, at least they were to me, and helpful when I was looking for directions.

I was the translator in my group so I got a lot of practice in! It was fun, they said I was pretty good. It was hard for me to understand at times though because they talk very fast and use some different vocabulary than what I was taught. Overall, was no problem for me to communicate. I feel like I could live in Spain for a year or so and would like it…

Now the hi-light of my trip was definitely the futbol game of Sevilla vs. Valencia! Sevilla won in the last minute and the fans just went crazzzyyy!!! It was the best professional game I have been to just because of the hype! We were in the rowdy section and the best way I can describe it is like a mash-pit a rock concert… it was kinda dangerous lol.. but this one guy kept tryna holler so he was close by me and made sure I was ok after the rumble… You stand on your seats the whole time and sing, clap, shout, and it’s just something I’ve never experienced at a game. Soo much fun! Definitely want to go to another soccer game in Spain or a Latin American country! It was AMAZING!!! Soo glad we got tickets last minute.. worth the 30 Euro… =)

Overall I had a very good experience in Spain. I even went to church by myself and it was just beautiful inside. A lot nicer than the ones in the states. I was able to roam the city of Cadiz by myself for a few hours and I got my “me” time in… =) shopping was fun! And the food… sooo good!!! I love café con leche!! It’s really good coffee.. I wish we had it back home. The churros are delicious and fresh! The hot chocolate is soo good too, it’s really rich and thick, made from real chocolate, not the lil packets haha… and the bocadillas and paella is a must as well! I loved everything I tried!!

Anyways, I’ll fill the rest of the stories in when I get back! Must get some rest tonight because tomorrow I will be in Morocco! We get there late though which is lame because we have to re-fuel… but I’m going to be going camel riding!!! It’s a dangerous country for girls though so hopefully I’ll make it out ok! I’m sure I’ll be fine.. But yeah I miss u guys tonzzzzzz!! Please email me!! I love getting them.. it makes my day lol… seriously.. alryte I will write another after Morocco! Take care guys.. love u!!

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