Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog # 3 1st Week @ Sea!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry it has taken me a while to post. It’s been a lil busy on the ship during this first week. Anyways, I’m currently sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Spain. We are a lil over 1/3 ways there! It is soo crazzyy to be here. It finally hit me my 2nd day on the ship, looking out on the outside deck over the ocean and not seeing any part of land whatsoever. It was really nice and I felt very humbled to be here. I’m on a ship with about a 1000 people from all over the nation, how crazy is that!?!? It was the same day our new President Barack Obama took office and we were lucky to be able to watch the inauguration from the ship via satellite! We had a champaigne toast at nyte and cake as well to celebrate! I will be apart of an audio segment that will go with a slide show on the semester at sea website about how we felt about the day and our new President so that is exciting! Only a couple students get chosen! It should be up sometime during the voyage…

Besides that exciting event life at sea is pretty kool! No sea-sickness for me! Haven’t taken any medication and don’t think it will be a problem for me so that’s good! My roomie and a few others have been feeling sick so I’m lucky! She is from New Jersey and seems like a kool girl. We sort of do our own thing now, but I making new friends each day! I met another fanny!! Yay!! And I joined a bunch of clubs/groups last nyte including LGBT so can’t wait to meet more!

Classes are kool, kinda crammed and sometimes we have to sit on the floor, but they are alryte soo far! Tons of reading to do already, but yeah all my classes are after noon so I usually go back to sleep after global studies that everyone has at 9. It’s been tough lately because the time has been going forward an hr each day so ryte now I am 5 hrs ahead of u all back home and still have 4 more days to go of time change at sea! Very hard to adapt to… But yeah this 1st week has been kool, I love the ship! It is soo nice, we have a gym, bball court, a small pool, and a piano bar so there’s always somewhere to go. I don’t think I will be drinking on ship though because it is only beer and wine! So lame!!! Hahah… so yeah I’ll be saving my money for port.

My sea-legs are starting to form as they call it here lol, it feels like ur drunk walking through the cabin and decks, it’s kool though, showering is tough! Oh and I am in a crew cabin so it’s smaller than the other students’ rooms (I did this to save about 4 grand lol) but they are not too bad, I am on a bunk tho =/ but it’s ok! I don’t think I will fall off, I was scared the 1st nyte hahah…

Anyways I promise I will have better blogs once I start seeing the world! Haha… I will write one probably after each port on my experiences, ryte now it’s just life at sea. Oh and don’t forget to EMAIL ME!!! MNGAAN@SEMESTERATSEA.NET I check it at least once a day so I can write u!!! I miss all of u guys in Sd! Until my next blog….<33

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In the BAHAMAS!!!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a little update before I set sail tomorrow and because it's free internet at the hotel haha!!!!

I made it here safe and am alive! Soo tired from jet lag it's 3 hrs ahead here!!! Anyways everything is like a million dollars here so it's hard to do stuff... Definitely need to come back with more time here and money... Went to the Atlantis and that place is soo nice... it's really expensive tho if ur not staying there but I got to go on the big waterslide for free bc I am a PIMP like that hahaha... yeah I got the employee to get me up there super quick, cut the line, and go down.. it was good times... Soo much fun!

I have literally drank more than have eaten.. it's crazzyyy.. I'm having fun though with my cuzzin and I met some fannys that we have been hanging with.. Not SAS students but they are super kool guys!

Anyways that's my update for now... next blog will definitely be from the ship!!! miss u guys back home already!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog #1: I'm leaving tomorrow to the Bahamas!!!

Pre-departure blog.... OMG I'm already leaving home tomorrow. This is crazzyyy! My flight leaves at 9:30 pm from SFO and I'll be taking an overnight flight to the Bahamas. Today is going to be a day of packing! It's soo hard to fit everything I want to bring into two bags. I hate packing! haha...

Anyways, this is really just surreal for me still. I've been talking about this trip since September when I got in and now it's finally here. This passed week I have been finalizing some field trips in South Africa and Morocco. I'm going to be doing some crazy stuff like White Shark cage diving and cliff jumping (kloofing). Only a day before I leave and it still doesn't feel like I'm going yet... I think it's because I fly a lot and it hasn't hit me yet that I'm not coming back until May.

I'm really excited though and can't wait! I'm going to miss all of you in the bay and especially my peeps in SD =/. You guys need to send me letters on the ship! I posted a link here on my blog that will tell you how! I haven't bought a calling card yet, but for the most part my communication will be through this blog and email. I won't get my email until I'm on the ship, but I think it's going to be this: I'll post again though to let you all know for sure!

Well I have to get back to packing and doing everyhting that needs to get done before I leave so that's all for now.

Just think, the next blog I write will be when I'm at sea! Crazyyy!!! haha...

Love you guys! Stay tuned....

xoxo *Mags* <33